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IcietIciet | @icit_
Blogger, traveller, eater, pluser, Android abuser, social-media junker, reviewer, random person, nasi-padang fangirl, anything.

AriefArief ‘aip’Novianto | @aarievo |
Working in government but still have passion to work as entrepreneur. I love mother nature, I love running, I love book, I love seeing people’s activities on the street and I love traveling a lot becos I can find another life in it. Traveling just like you never travel before.
Mario Patrick Mario Patrick | @mpatrick
Mario Patrick has been in the radio industry since 2003, enjoying the trend changes ever since. Busy as a radio announcer at Hard Rock FM Jakarta, part time Master of Ceremony, been involved in Public Relations with specifications in Lifestyle Division at Edelman Indonesia, now working with many Twitter influencers for digital campaign as Community Manager at the same company. Yet, still considering for more degree.
jojoJosephine Brightnessa (Jojo) | @jbrightnessa |
Your hungry dinosaur, I am still constantly hunting for delicious food to eat and nothing is out of bounds (although sometimes it doesn’t always end written on this blog) nevertheless, it is always an interesting journey.
RakaRaka Eka Pramudito | @rakapramudito
Director of Life

DendolDandy Widiarko |@dendol
Working in advertising industry. A passionate and curious learner. Above the line nurtured me for nine wonderful years. Now, I am learning in a new digital horizon.

riri Parameshwari Cakrawijaya@parameshwarii
Mahasiswi Magister Profesi Psikologi yang sehari-hari bekerja sebagai guru piano di sebuah institusi musik di Jakarta. Penderita ashma akut yang membentuk dirinya menjadi anak yang terlalu di ‘protect’ oleh kedua orang tuanya. Tetapi senang ‘memberontak’ dan menantang dirinya sendiri untuk mencoba hal-hal baru yang belum pernah dilakukan sebelumnya.
RachmaRachma Kaolina |
Graphic designer, a sea & coffee lover, adventurer, excited about photography, who never gives up on Indonesia !
Anom PrasetyoAnom B. Prasetyo | @anombprasetyo
Penulis, peneliti, editor, dan penggemar jalan-jalan. Menulis sejumlah buku. Tinggal di Bogor, Jawa Barat

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